Volunteering After Retirement

Once you retire you, like many others, may find that you need something more to do because you’ll miss feeling like you’re contributing. One of the best ways to remedy this is by volunteering after retirement. Not only does it give you somewhere to go and a routine but you also get to make a difference and give back to the community.

Volunteering can offer you a sense of pride that no paying job ever could. And even though it gives you some much needed structure and a way to pass some time, it’s still an incredibly selfless thing to do that will leave you feeling great.

Knowing where and how to go about volunteering after retirement can be overwhelming with all of the charities and organizations out there that need volunteers. You’ll need to give it some thought to narrow it down to those that will bring you the most happiness and this begins by thinking about what it is that you’re passionate about. Do you hav any charities that you’ve contributed to in the past? Have you had a loved one who had an illness that you would like to support? Maybe you’re an animal lover and would like to volunteer at the local shelter? There are hundreds of possibilities and the best choice for  you is the one—or ones—that you’re most passionate about.

When it comes to volunteering after retirement there are options other than the usual charitable organizations. For example, if you are someone who has worked in business and has a lot of knowledge to share there are organizations that look for volunteers to help young entreprebuers who are just starting out. Being a mentor can be very rewarding as well as give you a chance to really showcase your expertise to those that will appreciate it most. And , if business isn’t your strong suit then think about what is. Were you a teacher of home economics or woodworking? Then look into teaching an annex of workshop at the local church or continuing education centre. Perhaps you would like to tutor a new immigrant in English? There are all kinds of wonderful and exciting ways that you can volunteer after retirement. You just need to know how to think out of the box and even be willing to take a few chances.

Speaking of taking chances, volunteering after retirement is a great opportunity for you to really venture out and try something new. Think hard about an industry or field that you’ve always been attracted to or curious about.  Police services?   The airlines?   The medical field?  Make a list of these things, look up their local offices or branches and start cold calling! Most organizations have some sort of need for volunteers, so why not call and ask what volunteer opportunities are available and get yourself started! You have absolutely nothing to lose and you know how the saying goes; nothing ventured, nothing gained. Now that you have the time to do anything you’ve ever wanted, why not get out there and do it?